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Bathrooms for Boats

Clever designs to fit all size bathrooms

All Chiselpig bathrooms, no matter how glamorous, are designed to function well on water – whether that is the canal, river or sea.  Since we have worked with boats and bathrooms for many years, we know all the different options and requirements and can advise customers how to work around them to help you get a bathroom that is both great to look at and easy to maintain.

The smallest room in the house is usually the smallest in the boat too – which is why space saving solutions are so important for bathrooms – particularly on narrow boats, such as the ones in these pictures. There is so much to fit in which is why we spend much time with customers working out how we can make the room fit their needs and be spacious and stylish at the same time.

For example sliding doors are a good way to help make the room larger and less awkward to get in to. We also help customers think about the infrastructures that go behind building a bathroom which will be exactly right for them, such as the size of the water tank if they would like a bath for instance or what type of toilet to choose – pump out, cassette or even compost. Chiselpig are able to offer so many different options and we assist customers to make the right decisions.

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