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Boat Furniture

Amazing and innovative spaces to fit all sizes and budgets

Four poster bed on dutch barge

Chiselpig built this stunning bedroom from scratch, using a range of complementary types of wood.


boat teak folding table

Teak folding table on the stern of a gentleman’s launch.

From Narrowboats and Widebeams to Dutch Barges and River Cruisers, Chiselpig carpenters are able to design built-in boat furniture, such as tables, seating areas, beds, staircases, cupboards or cabinets. We make sure that each of the fixtures that we create, whether it is an individual piece of furniture or a comprehensive installation, matches perfectly to its surroundings.




Built in childrens' bunk beds

Children’s bunk area with built in climbing holes.








Using our knowledge and experience in this area, we are able to suggest and design innovative space saving interiors, making the most of every available space. We enjoy designing pieces of furniture that are beautiful to look at and, above all are functional within a canal boat setting.







Space saving bench for boat

Space saving bench for narrow boat









A space saving seating area, designed for a narrow boat, fits away tidily under the gunwales when not in use.




Look at our gallery for a full range of beds, stairs, cupboards etc.

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