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Skylights can bring brightness in to any area of your boat – particularly areas that are lit with portholes.


Chiselpig design skylights for new fit outs but can also retro-fit to existing roofs.  Chiselpig design skylights so that the rain (and the snow) effectively slides off the structure down carefully shaped grooves within the wooden frame.  They are built to a high marine standard and are guaranteed not to leak in even the wettest of winters.

wooden boat skylightDouble Glazed to Prevent Condensation

Skylights are generally double glazed to maximise on insulation and can be fabricated out of steel (with wooden frames on the inside).  However, most customers prefer Chiselpig’s wooden skylights as they hold exterior insulation (the wood naturally comes with insulating properties) are made with many types of exterior grade timbers.

If you are interested in bringing more light in to your boat, whilst not sacrificing on the privacy and character of your existing windows, contact us to discuss your needs.