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Unique Doors and Windows

Beautiful Hand-Made Doors and Windows to make your boat stand out

Unique, beautifully crafted doors are a feature which can allow your boat to stand out from the rest.Chiselpig make customised doors and windows that endure in all weathers and which can either replicate existing doors/windows or be re-designed to create a ‘feature’ on your boat that is completely unique to you. By working with Chiselpig joiners, the scope of what can be designed is endless.


All doors come with full security and ventilation requirements.

Cathedral style windows designed for hatch doors to maximise on light.

All designs from the doors and windows in these pictures have been carefully drawn out to fit the specifications from the customer. Quite often we work with quite vague suggestions and use our knowledge of what works to come up with designs that customers have loved and then chosen.

We love to work with curves and unusual shapes in order to challenge our glazers!

Oak portholes waiting to be varnished










For more information and to get a quote and ideas for your windows/doors project, contact us

Chiselpig make all the doors and windows in the workshop and then fit them to the boat wherever it is moored – making good the surround.